About Us

A Small & Mighty Team

A Small & Mighty Team

There must be a better way.

Our Mission

IP Works was founded in January 2012 by Catherine A. Cavella, Esq., a seasoned intellectual property and business attorney who believed there must be a better way for innovative startups and early stage companies to get the legal advice they need to compete against the big guys.

“I kept hearing from entrepreneurs and CEOs that their lawyers were giving them lots of legalese and lots of choices but no guidance, and then they would get a bill for the time the lawyer spent reciting the law. They were frustrated and felt they had nobody to help them decide what to do.”

So IP Works was born. We don’t bill by the hour because we don’t like to pay by the hour and we believe you don’t, either. We put ourselves in your shoes and strive to give you what you need – practical guidance and legal solutions focused on your needs and your business. We level the playing field by being your in-house IP and business legal team – without the big salaries. You decide whether you prefer fixed fees, monthly payments or hourly billing. Your CFO will thank you.