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DECEMBER 3rd, 2020 THE NITTY GRITTY OF PATENTS: Coffee with Catherine

November 23

Fine tune your understanding of patent rights and ownership with IP WORKS LAW’s latest Coffee with Catherine. Bring your questions for our Patent Attorney Brad who’s ready with the answers you need. Title: THE NITTY GRITTY OF PATENTS DATE: DECEMBER 3RD 11:00AM Topics: • Types of Patent Applications – Provisional, Non-provisional, Utility, Design, other • Patent Searching & Clearance -Patentability vs. Freedom to Operate • Post-Filing expectations & planning • Legal Enforcement – Passive and Active protection, Defensive and Offensive action Cost: Free! Click here to access our free event IP WORKS LAW's Coffee with Catherine is a casual bimonthly hang...

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November 12th 2020, I HAVE A GREAT IDEA, NOW WHAT? THE PATH TO PATENT OWNERSHIP: Coffee with Catherine

November 4

  Discover what it takes to transform your idea into reality. Get on the path to to Patent ownership with our next Coffee with Catherine. We all have that “AH HA!” moment with an idea that could change the world, so what do you do with your spark of brilliance? A patent could be the solution you’re looking for but there’s so much information to navigate, where to begin?  IP WORKS LAW wants you to start your journey toward patent ownership with our casual and private hangout: Coffee with Catherine, where you can get free, relevant content that will get...

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October 29th 2020: DIVING ASSETS BETWEEN FOUNDERS- Coffee with Catherine

October 19

You’ve decided to go into business together and the future is looking bright. Before you open the doors, the founders of your startup need to discuss how to divide future earnings and ownership. Making sure everyone gets what they deserve is a complicated matter. It’s a necessary facet of the business, with layers of details that can prove challenging to maneuver. How then, do you make everyone happy to ensure the prosperity of your business and the relationships within? As always, IP WORKS LAW has a great solution for answering your founder related questions- our bi-monthly hangout with attorney Catherine...

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October 15th 2020, INVESTORS FOR YOUR STARTUP: Coffee with Catherine

October 7

It’s hard to believe you’ve created a business that’s growing beyond your wildest dreams and yet, here you are. You’ve now set your sights on higher aspirations; however, it will cost you more than you can afford. It’s time to start thinking about getting investors to get your business to its next goal. IP WORKS LAW has its next Coffee with Catherine designed just for you. Join us on October 15th at 11:00AM for another free, private, virtual hangout focusing on what small business owners need to know when making the decision to bring investors into their establishments. Take an...

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October 1st 2020. 411: CEASE & DESIST Letters- Coffee with Catherine

September 23

Have you ever found someone copying your work or your business name and not known what to do about it? Have you ever received a Cease and Desist Letter in your inbox or the mail? Have you ever wondered whether you should just let it go or whether you need to respond? It’s possible that many of us have experienced one of these scenarios in business already. When someone needs to enforce their copyright, trademark or patent, they usually begin with a Cease and Desist letter. “Do I need to respond?” is a common response to receiving such a letter....

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9.17.20 IS IT TIME TO INCORPORATE? Coffee with Catherine

September 8

  Your business is booming and it’s time to consider incorporating. The idea sounds great but how do you know if it’s the right choice for the future of your company? It’s safe to say you have questions, luckily your friends at IP WORKS LAW have the answers! We want to hang out with you on September 17th at 11:00am for our latest edition of Coffee with Catherine: Is It Time to Incorporate? Our knowledgeable attorney Catherine Cavella will lead the discussion covering the basic concepts around incorporating a business and if it’s the right choice for you. TITLE: Is...

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September 3rd, 2020. INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION OF YOUR IP: Coffee with Catherine

August 26

In a world that is digitally connected from one side of the globe to the other, it’s sometimes necessary to safeguard our creations outside of the United States. Learn the basic concepts of how to expand the protection of your work abroad with our next Coffee with Catherine: INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION OF YOUR IP. Join attorney Catherine Cavella and the IP WORKS LAW crew on September 3rd, 2020 at 11:00am for an hour of valuable insight for how you can gain control over the use of your product, artwork, writing etc. around the world.  TITLE: INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION OF YOUR IP  DATE: Thursday September...

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8.20.20 Protect Your Ideas from Online Competition: Coffee with Catherine

August 12

Who is looking at your work online? Who wants to profit off your online content by making it their own? It's easy to get your ideas, products, and services out to a wide range of individuals by taking advantage of the bountiful opportunities found online. Unfortunately, there are individuals that would love to take your idea and profit from it. Protect your work with an information packed hangout with IP WORKS LAW's Coffee with Catherine: PROTECT YOUR IDEAS FROM ONLINE COMPETION. Join likeminded individuals on August 20th, 2020 at 11:00AM to explore ways to keep your intellectual property safe while...

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July 23rd, 2020- DO I NEED A PATENT FOR MY IDEA? Coffee with Catherine

July 13

  Does Your Idea Need a Patent? That's a great question. It's important to know, especially after you've put endless amounts of time and effort into your creation. Most likely, your idea needs some kind of legal protection.  Could a patent be the solution you’re looking for? Join us on Thursday July 23rd at 11:00AM, to explore the world of patents at IP WORKS LAW"S next Coffee with Catherine: Do I Need a Patent for My Idea? During this hangout, Catherine Cavella (IP WORKS LAW's fabulous Attorney) will lead an open discussion focusing on challenges, solutions and answers to the layered world of patents including these topics:...

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June 25th, 2020. MONETIZE YOUR IDEAS: Coffee with Catherine

June 20

Let’s hang out. Hang out Thursday June 25th to discuss the basic concepts behind taking the next step toward turning your ideas into something that will make you money. Do you want to start a business? Do you just want to sell the idea? There's options we want to share with you... Grab a cub of joe then get comfortable for our casual hang out to discuss topics geared for startups that focus on idea development, protection, corporations/LLCs, branding, content, inventions, ideas, copyrights, trademarks and patents. Register, log on, grab your cup of joe and bring your questions! Click here...

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JULY 9TH, 2020. TRADEMARKS 101: PROTECT YOUR BRAND! Coffee with Catherine

June 3

Trademarks are an essential part of protecing your business, especailly the branding that makes your company unique. Where to start though? Why not start your journey here with IP WORKS LAW's Coffee with Catherine on July 9th, 2020 at 11am? Attorney Catherine Cavella will discuss the basics around what trademarks do for businesses, what you need to trademark within your own business and where you can register your trademarks. Remember to bring your questions! Grab your coffee & get comfortable. IP WORKS LAW's casual hang outs focus on idea development, protection, corporations/LLCs, branding, content, inventions, ideas, copyrights, trademarks and patents...

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Let’s Stretch Your Startup’s Resources: Coffee with Catherine June 11th, 2020

May 16

  Let’s hang out. Let's hang out this Thursday June 29th 2020 for this edition of Coffee with Catherine: Stretch Your Startup's Resources! Our discussion will focus on ways to strech the resources you already posses to keep your businesss afloat during the COVID-19 era. You have the power to get through this time in our economy and IP WORKS LAW has ideas and solutions to get you there. Grab a cub of joe and get comfortable for IP WORKS LAW's casual hang out to discuss topics geared for startups that focus on idea development, protection, corporations/LLCs, branding, content, inventions,...

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Coffee with Catherine: BEFORE YOU CLOSE THE DOORS-Options For Your Startup May 28th, 2020

May 16

Coffee with Catherine: BEFORE YOU SHUT YOUR DOORS- Options For Your Startup & Business. Before you close the doors on your startup, let's hang out and find a solution. It's a strange time and the world isn't operating the way it was. Consequently, businesses globally need to adapt in this new economy. You don't have to panic because IP WORKS LAW has options and solution to make your startup thrive today. Learn how to better serve your clients, create solutions for your market and other outside the box strategies.  Hang out with IP WORKS LAW online May 28th at 11:00am...

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May 7

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