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Coffee with Catherine: BEFORE YOU CLOSE THE DOORS-Options For Your Startup May 28th, 2020

May 16

Coffee with Catherine:

BEFORE YOU SHUT YOUR DOORS- Options For Your Startup & Business.

Before you close the doors on your startup, let’s hang out and find a solution. It’s a strange time and the world isn’t operating the way it was. Consequently, businesses globally need to adapt in this new economy. You don’t have to panic because IP WORKS LAW has options and solution to make your startup thrive today. Learn how to better serve your clients, create solutions for your market and other outside the box strategies. 

Hang out with IP WORKS LAW online May 28th at 11:00am for this edition of Coffee with Catherine. This is a private and safe setting to discover options and oppertunities for your startup while connecting with likeminded individuals and attorney Catherine Cavella.

Sign up, grab your coffee and let’s have coffee with Catherine.

Sign Up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coffee-with-catherine-before-you-close-the-doors-options-for-your-startup-tickets-105538526574


TERMS OF USE: By participating in this hangout, you agree to the following:

  • You have read and understand no attorney-client relationship will be created by participating in this hangout;
  • You have no expectation of privacy in this hangout and will not share confidential or trade secret information (your own or anyone else’s), saving confidential material for a private call with Catherine;
  • You will not record, live-stream or publish this hangout, though you can take notes for your own use.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We will not be recording this hangout, nor will we be publishing or streaming this hangout in the future. But even so, hangouts are not confidential communications and should be considered public. Anything you say in the hangout will be heard by the others in the hangout. And some could record or publish the meeting, in violation of our Terms of Use.

So, keep that in mind before you disclose your “secret sauce.” (Don’t disclose your “secret sauce”!) If you want a confidential meeting with Catherine, you can schedule one at any time

DISCLAIMER: Suggestions and recommendations given by Catherine in this hangout should be considered general guidance and should not be considered legal advice. Participation in this hangout does not constitute creation of an attorney-client relationship with IP Works or Catherine Cavella, Esq. No attorney-client relationship is created until a written agreement confirming the nature and scope of the representation is signed by you and by Catherine.

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