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October 29th 2020: DIVING ASSETS BETWEEN FOUNDERS- Coffee with Catherine

October 19

You’ve decided to go into business together and the future is looking bright. Before you open the doors, the founders of your startup need to discuss how to divide future earnings and ownership.

Making sure everyone gets what they deserve is a complicated matter. It’s a necessary facet of the business, with layers of details that can prove challenging to maneuver. How then, do you make everyone happy to ensure the prosperity of your business and the relationships within?

As always, IP WORKS LAW has a great solution for answering your founder related questions- our bi-monthly hangout with attorney Catherine Cavella! We will be gathering virtually on October 29th at 11:00am for our free and private event: Dividing Assets Between Founders: Coffee with Catherine.

Grab your coffee & get comfortable. IP WORKS LAW’s casual hang outs focus on idea development, protection, corporations/LLCs, branding, content, inventions, ideas, copyrights, trademarks and patents for small business and startups.

Register, log on and grab your cup of joe. Remember to bring your questions!

Let’s have coffee with Catherine.


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