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Published November 23, 2023

Brad Brown

Greetings, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! I’m Brad Brown from IP Works Law, and welcome to IP Outdoors, our dedicated space where we dive into the fascinating world of innovative hunting and fishing gadgets. These devices, honed and perfected over centuries, enhance our outdoor experiences. Today, let’s zero in on a remarkable piece of technology that has revolutionized the way we interact with nature: the digital trail camera.


Imagine the woods, quiet and undisturbed, and you’re miles away. Yet, you have eyes on it, thanks to the ingenuity of inventors like Mr. Cuddeback. Although today we’re not showcasing one of Cuddeback’s own, his pioneering work has made him a standout in the field. What he has ingeniously done is transform the traditional cellular trail camera, a device perfected over decades, into a seamless network.


The traditional approach to wildlife monitoring with trail cameras involved individual units, each requiring its network plan — a logistical and financial burden. Now, imagine scaling that up to a cluster of cameras, as many as 18, operating harmoniously on a single network. They communicate with a central host, consolidating their data and sending it back in one streamlined packet.


This leap forward doesn’t just represent technological advancement; it illustrates the power of intellectual property (IP) protection. By securing his innovation with a series of patents right from the initial creation and with continual filings as the technology evolved, Mr. Cuddeback’s company, Non-Typical Inc., has effectively carved out a unique niche in the market.


What does this mean for the competition? While you may find cellular trail cameras offered by various manufacturers, the integrated network capability managed under one cellular plan is exclusive to Non-Typical Inc. The patents safeguard the uniqueness of their product, preventing others from entering this precise market space and ensuring that Non-Typical Inc. maintains its competitive edge.


The strategy employed by Non-Typical Inc. isn’t just about protecting an invention; it’s about laying the groundwork for market dominance. By leveraging IP laws, the company can justify a higher price point for their cameras, knowing that the consumer ultimately saves on network plans and enjoys unparalleled convenience.


For all the inventors and entrepreneurs, this story is a compelling example of how protecting your creation is critical to your business’s success. At IP Works Law, we specialize in helping visionaries like you navigate the complex world of patents. Whether you have a groundbreaking gadget or an innovative idea, our expertise can secure your invention, allowing you to corner the market and build a prosperous future.


In the vast terrain of hunting and fishing gadgets, the digital trail camera is a testament to the power of innovation fused with strategic IP protection. If this story inspires you and you wish to safeguard your invention, please contact IP Works by visiting us at We are here to guide you through the different types of patents and help secure your rightful place in the market.


That’s all for now. I’m Brad Brown from IP Outdoors, signing off. Stay innovative, secure your ideas, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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