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Published March 22, 2024

Brad Brown

Hello, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! I’m Brad from IP Works Law, and this is IP Outdoors. Today, let’s dive into a fascinating topic directly impacting the hunting and fishing community—leveraging existing patents to create innovative add-ons and capitalize on untapped opportunities.


One prime example we’ll explore is the world of Yeti Coolers. Undoubtedly, Yeti has set the gold standard with its patented coolers. Attempting to replicate them directly would lead to patent infringement issues. However, what many may need to realize is that within the design of Yeti lies a potential goldmine of opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Look at the slots on each side of the Yeti cooler above the handles. These slots are ingeniously designed for attachments, and while Yeti sells a few themselves, the possibilities continue. Consider a fishing rod holder – an accessory that transforms the more fantastic experience into a convenient fishing station. While this product isn’t a Yeti creation, it utilizes the designated slots on the cooler.


What’s intriguing is that there is a patent application covering fishing rod holders for Yeti coolers. This allows inventive minds to create and market their versions of this accessory, provided they adhere to the patent regulations. So, even if you’re not directly selling the patented product, there’s room for entrepreneurship in developing complementary items that enhance the user experience.


The process is simple. Purchase a fishing rod holder compatible with Yeti coolers, insert it into the designated slots, and voila – you’ve transformed your cooler into a fishing haven. This clever approach allows you to tap into the vast market of outdoor enthusiasts who already own Yeti coolers and want to enhance their experience without violating patents.


Moreover, this concept is more comprehensive than coolers. The broader idea revolves around creating additional features and accessories for existing patented products. It’s entirely possible to secure patent applications for products that complement and enhance the functionality of established items without infringing on the core patents.


At IP Works Law, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs navigate the intricate world of intellectual property and patents. We invite you to contact us if you’re intrigued by developing products that benefit from existing inventions. Our team is passionate about supporting innovators in the hunting and fishing community, guiding you through obtaining patents and maximizing your business potential.


Imagine the possibilities – a range of innovative accessories, from custom hunting gear attachments to unique fishing equipment enhancements designed to complement and capitalize on existing patents. By expanding your product offerings within the legal framework, you not only cater to the needs of your target audience but also establish yourself as a pioneer in the outdoor gear market.


In conclusion, hunting and fishing gear offer opportunities for those willing to think outside the box. Capitalizing on existing patents and creating complementary products can carve out your niche in this competitive industry. If you’re ready to explore the exciting realm of intellectual property and unlock hidden potentials, call us at IP Works Law. We’re here to help you turn your outdoor innovations into successful ventures.

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Brad Brown

Leading the patent team at IP Works Law is Bradley M. Brown, Esq. Brad is a USPTO registered patent attorney who lends his expertise to patent, trademark, and enforcement matters. When he isn’t defending the rights of our clients and maximizing the value of their Intellectual Property, Brad enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time outside.