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Published November 30, 2023

Brad Brown

Hey, outdoor enthusiasts! Brad here, coming to you from IP Outdoors, where we embark on a journey through centuries of innovation in the world of hunting and fishing gear. Today, our spotlight is on archery rangefinders and laser rangefinders, tools that have come a long way since their inception.


Meet the Vortex rangefinder, capable of accurately measuring distances up to a staggering 1300 yards. But our focus today shifts to an exciting development from the ingenious minds at Bushnell. They’ve taken a product that was once solely about measuring ranges and perhaps directions and have infused it with a plethora of remarkable features. While this specific product isn’t available on the market yet, some of its components are, and they promise an exciting future.


What sets Bushnell’s rangefinder apart is its multifaceted approach to the task at hand. It not only calculates the linear distance to your target but also factors in the angle and direction in which you’re pointing the rangefinder. To further elevate its capabilities, this innovative device captures crucial information about wind direction and wind speed. Armed with all this data, it performs complex calculations and delivers precise range measurements.


The integration of these advanced features into a single device showcases the remarkable evolution of rangefinders in the realm of archery and hunting. It’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation by companies like Bushnell.


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The story of Bushnell’s enhanced rangefinder serves as a compelling example of how innovation knows no bounds. It highlights the potential for turning simple tools into sophisticated devices that revolutionize the way we engage with the great outdoors.


I’m Brad Brown, your host at IP Outdoors, and I hope this glimpse into the world of rangefinders has left you inspired. Thank you for joining us today, and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Until then, keep exploring, keep innovating, and enjoy your outdoor adventures!




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